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"Excellent club"

A review of University Pitt Club by Lawrence written on Monday 6th of March 2006

Why is it that Champagne socialists, educated at Radley College (top independent school), feel the need to attack the University Pitt Club? Is it because they were 'blackballed' by the committee and wish to take their revenge by attacking the club ? Perhaps they feel guilty about their privileged position in life and feel the need to cover it up by pretending to be poor/working class and attacking anything perceived to be bourgeoise/upper class/conservative? I'm sure Mr. Openshaw can provide us with many of the answers to the above. 
In my experience, the University Pitt Club is a wonderful place to have fun, make friends and invite ladies. The parties, held throughout term, are not to be missed given that some of most beautiful women imaginable are invited. The club is served by a friendly steward, Michael, who goes out of his way to satisfy you and your guests. During term, one can book the dining room for private functions.  
The Champagne socialists often criticise the club for being elitist and exclusive. I believe exclusivity is one of the clubs strengths given that it ensures only suitable candidates are proposed for election and elected as members. It is important that membership is restricted to those who will appreciate what the Pitt has to offer and respect its ethos. 
Benigno Numine

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