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Market Hill

Market Hill is a place in central central Cambridge with various businesses including clothes shops and restaurants.


Cambridge University Press Bookshop - The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a branch of Cambridge University Press Bookshop providing a range of English language teaching titles and other educational resources for both students and teachers.

Address: 27-28 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NR

Cath Kidston Ltd

Cath Kidston Ltd is a retailer of home furnishings and related items including accessories, bags, fashion and gifts.

Address: 31-33 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NU

Don Pasquale

Don Pasquale is an Italian restaurant offering a variety of traditional Italian meals.

Address: 12-12A Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

French Connection

French Connection (FCUK) is a clothing retailer and wholesaler. As well as men's, women's and children's fashion, its shops also sell a range of homeware, furniture, toiletries, sunglasses, opticals, watches and other accessories.

Address: 16 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NR


Gap is a chain of clothing shops offering a range of men's, women's, children's and babies' fashion as well as accessories and personal care products.

Address: 3-4 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ


Gap is a chain of clothing shops offering a range of men's, women's, children's and babies' fashion as well as accessories and personal care products.

Address: 3-4 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

Gap Kids

Gap Kids is a chain of clothing shops offering a range of boys', girls' and babies' fashion from stores around the UK.

Address: 1-2 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is an international chain of fashion retailers with stores across the UK selling a range of clothing, shoes and fragrances for men and women.

Address: 30 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NX

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb is a jewellers' shop selling a wide range of jewellery items.

Address: 17 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NP

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer PLC is a retailer of clothing, luxury food, wine, homeware items and other products from its chain of stores around the UK.

Address: 6 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

Marks & Spencer Cash Machine

ATM Cash Machines

Address: c/o Marks & Spencer, 6 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ


Womens clothing shop

Address: 5 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ


Paperchase is a stationery retailer providing a wide range of office supplies.

Address: 20-21 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NR

St. Michaels Court

Address: Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ


Stazione is a café serving a variety of hot and cold drinks and light meals.

Address: 2A Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

Stazione Ltd


Address: 1 & 3a Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NG

Steamer Trading Cookshop

Steamer Trading Cookshop is a kitchenware shop selling a variety of mugs, crockery, cutlery, utensils and other items for the kitchen and home.

Address: 18-19 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NR


Subway is a large chain of restaurants which primarily serve sandwiches to eat in or take away. The menu includes a range of subs, wraps, salads, drinks and other refreshments.

Address: Ground Floor, 14 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NJ

West Cornwall Pasty Co

West Cornwall Pasty Co is a chain of food outlets specialising in traditional Cornish Pasties, with a range of other snacks and drinks also available.

Address: 15 Market Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3NP

Reviews of Establishments on Market Hill

Find out what people are saying about places on Market Hill.

Faulty Trouser braces - review of Marks & Spencer by David A Mote

My wife bought me yet "another" pair of trouser braces and yet again the metal tags are just not strong enough to grip the trouser material...Closer examination of this pair shows that the... More »

Where Is My Package?! - review of Hugo Boss by Yang Jianjun

My friend bought a jacket and a pair of trousers in your store(Boss Man Store 30 Market Hill CB2 3NX Cambridge) on 16/09/2013.They need to be shortened. As the sales receipt, they must... More »

A very disappointed (almost) ex-customer - review of Marks & Spencer by Mrs C Caruana

I was a very satisfied customer when you stocked a petite range and have a wardrobe full of suits that fit perfectly. I no longer buy many clothes at M&S as the... More »

Dresses from M&S - review of Marks & Spencer by Loz

Why don't M&S ask their customers what they want. I am a woman in my 60's. when I met up with friends recently the topic of M&S dresses came up, we all... More »

April 2011 Short staffed - be warned - review of Don Pasquale by Virginia Spence

Four of us ate here Tuesday 19th April. We went in just after 7pm and our main course finally at 8 pm. A party of ten arrived after us and were served... More »

Marks and Spencer petite range in stores - review of Marks & Spencer by Valerie Veness

I used to be able to go the Marks and Spencer stores In London's Oxford Street and find a petite range in both. Then first the range was removed from the Oxford Circus... More »

Petite Clothing - review of Marks & Spencer by Jennifer Melson

I too am very disappointed that you have discontinued the Petite line in most of your stores (including those in the City of London). However, having looked at your range of clothing... More »

We have always enjoyed Stazione - review of Stazione by Dr Stefano

We dine at Stazione once or twice a week,we always enjoyed our self. We believe it is the best in Cambridge. Dr and Mrs Stefano Glebe house... More »

Not Authentic at all. Tourist trap - review of Don Pasquale by Alessandra

Believe me, as someone who lived in Italy for 8 years and with Italian blood this is not a good Italian to taste authentic food. Cheap muck which is edible Yes! Bit cheaper... More »

No credit cards!!! - review of Stazione by Peter

We visited Cambridge recently and dined at Stazione one evening. I have to say that I find it suprising in this day and age that a restaurant where you could easily spend £80... More »

Quite literally the best dining experience ever - review of Stazione by Debbie

My friend and I visited Cambridge to see my daughter who has just got a job there. Whilst browsing the extensive menu, we were whisked away to a table by the wonderfully entertaining... More »

Terrible meal (again) - review of Don Pasquale by Anon

I went to Don Pasquale yesterday lunch time,you use to get a nice meal here but I have noticed lately it has gone down a lot. My daughter had a foccacia which was... More »

Summer of 1969 - review of Marks & Spencer by Constance Sheffy

We arrived in Cambridge to spend a sabbatical from Cornell Univ.,Ithaca, N.Y. We arrived with heavy sweaters having done research that said the summers would be cool,etc. Well it turned out to be he... More »

Shorter T Shirts - review of Marks & Spencer by Pamela Rhodes

I am only 5' 2" tall and I now find that M&S T Shirts are now too long in the body, a couple of years ago I was able to buy T Shirts... More »

Small people have shorter arms - review of Marks & Spencer by Chris cobham

I cannot find a raincoat with long sleeves to fit either online or in store. The sleeves are far too long and there appears to be nothing in a petite range. I am... More »

Best Restaurant in Cambridge - review of Stazione by Niki

We visit Stazione regularly and always get great service and excellent food. The addition of half portions on some of the main courses is fantastic, allowing us to be able to indulge... More »

PETITE RANGE - review of Marks & Spencer by Meg

Marks and Spencer stores vary so much from town to town.The YORK store is very disappointing for a city you would expect a more varied and more exciting clothing range.The 'petites' is NON... More »

Get down to earth - review of Marks & Spencer by Paulina

Its funny, people who shop in m&s they think they r kings. but they dont realize that they buying all stuf from bangladesh and sri lanka :D... More »

Our compliments to Stazione - review of Stazione by MARCO


What a shame - review of Stazione by Wendy

We went to Stazione as an anniversary treat and were bitterly disappointed, all the food was over cooked and either tasteless or covered in thick tomato sauce, the only good thing was the... More »

Size 10 clothes - review of Marks & Spencer by Betty

Trying to find SIZE 10 MEDIUM clothes in all departments of Marks and Spencer is now almost impossible. Today was typical - no luck with black trousers (2 styles I liked), 3... More »

FRAUD - BEAWARE!!!! - IndiaFloristNetwork.com - review of Marks & Spencer by Sim

I had ordered Rakhi from this site on 27 July and Rakhi was on 5 Aug ... My order was delivered after Rakhi festival, and that too, it was not what i had selected! I... More »

Very good indeed! - review of Stazione by Margaret

Having spent years walking past Stazione and thinking "we must go there one day" we eventually got round to it last night. The service was prompt and friendly and the food was... More »

Petite Sizes - review of Marks & Spencer by Judith scott

I have stopped shopping in Marks & Spencer. I can no longer get anything to fit. I do not want to buy on line. You cannot see if clothes suit you... More »

Downhill all the way - review of Don Pasquale by The Evil Dr K

I can remember when this used to be a quality Italian restaurant, with capable staff and an excellent menu. Sadly, those days are long gone. If you are thinking of treating your partner... More »

Terrible service!!! - review of Don Pasquale by Helen Selimi

This place was packed on a sunny Easter holiday, so we figured the food must be ok! It was lovely, however more than can be said for the girl serving us. With an... More »

Fraud & cheating Indiafloristnetwork.com - review of Marks & Spencer by Mustafa

Hello I have booked some flowers, a cake and a gift for my wife for the 14th FEB ,2009 and till date it is not delivered and their is no customer response... More »

Treated like Royalty - review of Marks & Spencer by Jack Whyatt

I was most impressed by the service,care,assistance and expertise of the staff in the menswear dept. In particular The assistant Monica. I enquired for a pair of cord Jeans as my size was... More »

Couldnt of said it better myself - review of Marks & Spencer by Ks

That is correct what you have said! why do customers think its ok to look down on customer assistants! like you said we are here to assist but not to be looked down... More »

Don't believe this web site - review of Marks & Spencer by Vasu

I palced an order for flower boke(on very special occassion) to be delivered at a district headquarter(wellknow town, they mentioned in their website that they can deliver on next day). I ordered... More »

Why discontinue the Petite range? - review of Marks & Spencer by Phillipa Higgs

Why on earth discontinue the M&S Petite range - are you trying to send us to other stores, ie Principles, Next, Wallis etc etc? I know we can order online but this... More »

Frauds -> Indiafloristnetwor.com - review of Marks & Spencer by Anuj parihar

Hi people, this review is just to beware of you the fact that these indiafloristnetwork.com people are nothingmore than just frauds!! i got fooled and if you will search on web, you ill find... More »

We won't be going back - review of Stazione by Dave

Often having passed by the entrance to La Stazione and being intrigued, my partner and I decided to take a chance today and have lunch at La Stazione. The atmosphere initially felt good... More »

Food - review of Marks & Spencer by Lisa

The factory which supply to Marks & Spencer shops chicken products, decided to not use any gloves, aprons and plastic sleevs. Do you agree with it. I think it is unsanitary couse people... More »

School Uniform - review of Marks & Spencer by Mrs Mary E Faux

Dear Sir/Madam, For many many years our local School (St Mary's RC Primary School in Eltham SE9)have used Marks & Spencers to supply our girls summer dresses (light blue and dark blue stripes). ... More »

Cibo Bello! - review of Stazione by Dolores Twinings.

A really enjoyable meal in one of Cambridge's most-overlooked restaurants. It had a far more family-feel about it than Bella Italia and the host of eateries that promise the GENUINE ITALIAN EXPERIENCE. Food was... More »

Best restaurant I've been to. - review of Stazione by Strawberry

Absolutely yummy, I've never been to a better restaurant. They gave us bread and olives, which was great, then I had bread again with tomatoes, which was great. Lasagne tomato sauce really nice,... More »

Fantastic - review of Stazione by Family Guy

First time in Cambridge, arrived early evening. Came across this place. Made to feel very welcome, young children included. Great food, friendly service, would definitely recommend.... More »

Deary Me - review of Stazione by Kate

Things arent always what they seem. On the outside this place looks and sounds very appealing however, on the inside - it's not too pleasant :-s... More »

Send 'em back - review of Marks & Spencer by Lily Moore

In my opinion Marks & Spencer are the best on line store, bar none. As with many other stores,it does not debit one's card until despatch. If the customer is not... More »

Staff holidays at M and S - review of Marks & Spencer by Woodi b sostupid

Think of the members of staff whose days off unfortunately fell on christmas day and boxing day - no extra holidays for them... More »

L am immobile so l shop online - review of Marks & Spencer by Mrs.june adams

L purchased a cashmere cardigan for a christmas gift for my sister, l need to change it for a larger size and l cannot find the means to do this without taking it... More »

Hi ian riley - review of Marks & Spencer by ---its meeh---

Just to say hi to a good employee of marks and spencer...IAN RIley of the occupational health and safety department...goodluck...... More »

What has happened to size 8 petite coats? - review of Marks & Spencer by Wendy Ryder

How strange - not one black size 8 petite black coat (Style T975229) in the whole of England and winter has not really begun yet! I was informed - curtly by customer services... More »

Excellent - review of Stazione by Rosa batterbee

First visit was excellent, food, atmosphere. music a little loud but surely people it is to be expected, after all the restaurant states live music. re-visiting this evening 20th & very much looking... More »

Some seats please - review of Marks & Spencer by Mary C.

I would like firstly to Congratulate you on a super store at London ColneyG This store has been given an update. My husband and I shop at this store once and... More »

ROLEX AFTER SALES - review of Mappin & Webb by D Williams

I took my Rolex to Mappin & Webb Cambridge and couldn't be happier! The lady on the service dept was very helpful, she kept me informed of it's progress and I shall certainly return... More »

Excellent on line service - review of Marks & Spencer by Joyce Benn

I only have positive comments to make regarding on line shopping from Marks and spencer. Sometimes, I am sure, things will go wrong, but, to date, the service has worked very well... More »

Let yourself get carried away - review of Stazione by Happy customer

I have to say it was one of the best restaurant experiences of my life. No stuffy overly-eager waiters desperate to get you out for the next lot, fantastic mood-setting jazz music, an... More »

What a Joke - review of Stazione by Anonymous

This was an all round bad experience, although the menu looked appetising, and the prices reasonable our meal wasn't at all how expected, the service was very poor and the place seemed to... More »


Map showing Market Hill in Cambridge.