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Travelling to Cambridge


At only fifty miles from London, Cambridge is generally easy to get to however you travel, and its transport links are many and varied.

If you are travelling by air Cambridge is within a thirty minute bus or train journey from Stanstead Airport where many of the European budget airlines fly to and from; although, with it's regular local train service, all of the capital's airports are within easy reach. For convenience sake you can even fly from a few select destinations (Amsterdam for example) on the Continent into Cambridge Airport, but this is certainly not the cheapest way to travel and the number of flights is very limited.

The simplest way to get to Cambridge from London, or anywhere else for that matter, is probably by rail, with services running regularly night and day. Trains from the capital run every 15 minutes from both Liverpool Street and King's Cross stations, the journey taking from 45 to 90 minutes dependent on which train you catch. There are also rail links with Birmingham, Norwich and Peterborough. Once you have arrived Cambridge train station is a short bus or taxi hop from the city centre.

Regular busses run into Drummer Street bus station every hour from all the major airports, as well as National Express coaches to and from all major cities in Britain. Within the bounds of the city itself sightseeing bus tours are available, or simply hire a bike to get around.

For those who fancy a challenge, there is always the option of driving - although with a lack of parking and a complicated one-way system it is perhaps not advisable. A better option to driving into the city is to make use of one of Cambridge's many Park and Ride points, and let the bus take the strain.

Local transport

Local transport company contact details including bus services and taxi companies are listed in the transport section of our local directory.

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