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How to add a review


Adding a review is a simple 2 stage process and is a great way to share your views with tens of thousands of Cambridge locals.

Stage 1: Choose a shop or venue to review

You can find a shop or venue listing to review in a variety of ways. If you know the name of the place you wish to review you can find it in the Venues A-Z list.

Alternatively if you know the location of the shop/ venue, you can find it by clicking on the street where it is based in the Cambridge Street Index.

If you do not know the name or street of venue/ shop, you can still find it by navigating down to its appropriate category in our directory.

When you have found the listing click on the listing title or where it says "View listing's profile":

Stage 2: Click on the Add a Review button

On the listing's profile page you will find a button inviting you to "Add a Review":

Once you have clicked on the button, you will be able to enter your comments.