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Cinemas, film theaters and picture houses in Cambridge, and other venues showing films and movies.



  • Arts Picturehouse

    Based in St. Andrews Street, Cambridge.
    Tel: 0871 902 5720
    Address: 38-39 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3AR
  • Cineworld

    Based in Cambridge Leisure, Clifton Way.
    Tel: 0844 815 7747
    Address: Cambridge Leisure, Clifton Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 7DY
  • Vue Cinema

    Based in Grafton Centre, Cambridge.
    Tel: 0871 224 0240
    Address: 105 Grafton Centre, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1PS
  • Vue Cinemas

    Based in Grafton Centre, Cambridge.
    Tel: 0871-224 0240
    Address: 105 Grafton Centre, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1PS
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    Find out what people are saying about Cambridge cinemas.

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    Map showing location of cinemas in Cambridge.

    Reviews relating to cinemas

    • This film made me want to be a nun by Sandra powell

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) But then I was only about thirteen myself when the fine line between real life and fiction was still brilliantly...

    • The Miracle to DVD!! by BLCotton

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) Why is this film not been released in DVD format when so many other movies from this time period have?...

    • One Miracle in My Life by Janice Atwell Mcgee

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) I remember watching the 1959 movie The Miracle,and I will never forget it I'm 55 now and I've asked my...

    • I saw the movie The Miracle when I was 13 and has never forgotten it. by YT

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) This is a movie that is for everyone. It should be brought back and shown. I would be...

    • The Miracle - Carol Baker and roger Moore by Berenice capito

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) 16 March 2011, hi i would like to purchase this movie in cape town, south africa. someone told me...

    • Red DVD by Red DVD

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) Hiya Guys Is It Possible To WATCH BLU RAY DVDs On Your REGULARE DVD PLAYER? i want to purchase...

    • Such a beautiful film! by Marco

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) Betty, like yourself, I have been searching for the same... As far as I know, they just keep repackaging it,...

    • The Miracle starring Carol Baker & Roger Moore by Belle Cortes

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) Let's have all the religious movies so people would know that God is always with us. That the world...

    • The Miracle by Henrietta Netta

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) Yes, i agree with the others that the Miracle should be put back on the screen. It would make...

    • Been searchig for this movie since 1970 by Tom Yanotti

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) I first saw this movie in 1970, and was blown away by it.The movie is "The Miracle" with Roger Moore....

    • The Miracle movie with Carol Baker by Adouilda

      (Warner Brothers Cinema) I agree 100%, they should stop the movies with violence and murder, and stat making more religious movies. It might...

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