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Corn Exchange Street

Corn Exchange Street is a street in central central Cambridge with a small number of businesses.

Corn Exchange Street also has the following useful amenity: a pub - The Cow.


Lola Lo

Lola Lo is a nightclub offering a range of club nights with various music and bars.

Address: 1-6 Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3QF

The Cow

The Cow is a bar where people can meet for drinks and socialising.

Address: Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3QF

Reviews of Establishments on Corn Exchange Street

Find out what people are saying about places on Corn Exchange Street.

Agree - review of Coco by Tess

Thats because the idiot DJ in the main room has no idea and downstairs they had a great pro DJ... More »

Reviewing the cow pub - review of The Cow by Silent watcher

The staff/management are rude And need to rethink their attitude Now. If you are paying for service...you expect something like politeness .... More »

Amazing!! - review of The Cow by Willib101

Went there before a gig, and with the student rates they have on alcohol is amazing allowing me to drink plenty before the gig allowing me to save money as the prices in... More »

Wicked NT - review of The Cow by Cle

Badboy DUB BEATS playin tonight! Beautiful sounds! 1st nt out in time, n could not and i mean could not ask 4 better people!... More »

DISCUSTING - review of The Cow by MissAnneThrope

Today I went to the Cow in Cambridge for lunch. Unfortunately I needed to use the loo. The door into the ladies' facilities would only open half way; one of the... More »

The cow cambridge is rubbish - review of The Cow by Simon

People really only go there for the cheap pizza once a week, but the pizza is ok, management is ridicolously unprofessional, and they nearly alwasy turn away people as they are out of... More »

Kleidereis@hotmail.com - review of The Cow by Cleide


AWFUL - review of Coco by Louise

Awful, awful, awful place!! Tiny, even though several floors! Full of people who can't get into Ballare, Life, Fez etc. (and when I say full, i don't exactly mean its busy) Patronising and incosiderate door staff. Even... More »

The cow art work cumin sooooon - review of The Cow by Grayham

You should always check out the art work in the cow (brb) its some of the best in cambridge, The next big show is cumin up on March 24th and will be showing... More »

What choice for a night out? - review of Coco by B

Cambridge is pretty poor for night clubs anyway, i don't like paying london prices if i'm not treated like i'm in a london club, and lets be honest no club in cambridge even... More »

Why go to ibiza when you have cocos? - review of Coco by Marilyn

Yes its purple and a bit plasticy looking, but cocos is by far the best student night out in cambridge, there's more space than certain underground establishments and there's no sticky floor... there's... More »

Never again - review of Coco by Mel

This place is a total joke.the door staff were rude the girl on the till was about as happy as a fish out of water and the bar stuff had no ider what... More »

Its no meat-market - hurrah! - review of Coco by Dan

Coco is the best place in Cambridge by far for a fun and no frills night in Cambridge. Whereas Life and what was once Filth (and always will be - despite a subtle... More »

Great mix!! - review of The Cow by sam

The cow is great for just about anything, i was there new years eve 2003, and the bar upstairs had a great atmosphere (although drinks prices were inflated :( coz of this), and... More »

Perfect pizza - review of The Cow by LJ

The Cow is THE place to go in Cambridge for delicious and authentic stone-baked pizzas. They are 2 for 1 on Tuesdays and come with a range of interesting toppings (such as... More »

Unfair Dismissal - review of Coco by Alistair

I witnessed a student being physically asaulted by the bouncers. He was grabbed, and forcibly pushed out of the premises. His offence? Drinking on ear the dancefloor. If I was him, I would... More »

COCO's is great! - review of Coco by da ovakil

OK, so it may be a little small. and maybe a little crowded at times, but lets face it, where else are you going to go to listen to trance in cambridge? nowhere,... More »

Dont bother!! - review of Coco by Chelb

I've been twice once on a Friday night and once on a Saturday, it must be the worst club in cambridge. The staff are rude and the musics crap.... More »

The Cow - Pizza - review of The Cow by Dave

Every Tuesday, the Cow kicks out two for one of the best pizza you'll ever taste (Duck is best) - this actually is THE pizza.... More »

is it any good really ?? - review of Coco by terry

im coming to coco 4 the first time eva ! in fact i've never even been to cambridge ! but my soon to be bro-in-law's stag do is up there on the 21st... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by Andy

I agree with Jess Why the hell do they play such mindless trance/house trash in the big area of the place, when it is so clear that everyone loves the cheesy stuff.... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by Jack Cack

Great central location, good upstairs bar and nice pizza. Shame about the downstairs bit though, as you have to be careful not to hit your shoulders on the ceiling, it's so low.... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by Gail

Confusing, as I'd heard it was now the BRB (whatever that is!), then heard it was just the Cow, but have recently seen a flyer with 'Red Cow' and 'BRB' on it! Anyway,... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by Rich

Lets be honest, you go their because it is easier to get into that other clubs (ie less popular) and it is somewhere to drink late. Surely nobody goes for the music?... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by jess

I went to coco on saturday night with a large group of friends, we were on the top floor and having a great time dancing to cheesy music. 1)There were two problems, the bar... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by Joe

The cow is a quality establishment with delicious stone baked pizzas, and a lively basrment bar with DJ's playing brilliant tunes for your lesieuer© The prices on drinks are expensive though, and it... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by Joan

Well, although the music in this club isn't as good as many others (even in the International Student Night) you can have a lot of fun there. It all depends with who you... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by G

Excellent pub. great atmosphere, friendly bar staff and wonderful food (stone baked pizza). There is also a downstairs area with another bar and DJ area, perfect for hiring out.... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by vintz

Eh yo. The cow is one of my favourite hangouts in town, with good, cheap pizzas and good, expensive beverages. While it can get crowded, the basement bar is usually a fun place... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by Some guy

Was really lame there, had more fun staggering back drunk and watching TV for the rest of the night after leaving at 12.30am bored to death of the lame music and mix of... More »

Coco LIE - review of Coco by Horlicks

Um the reviews saying how wonderful Cocos is, are blatently by the same person. You can tell they were submitted directly after each other because of the review numbers in the web address:... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by sam n lisa

Don't listen to the white boy he probably confused coco with toxic8! it has changed a lot 4 the better and is really great! me nd my boyfrnd had a top nite out... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by JHON


Review of Coco - review of Coco by jenny

had a really nice time :D :D... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by erica

cool club... More »

Review of Coco - review of Coco by tom

what a fantastic night out! certainly the best club in cambridge! friendly staff and great music!... More »

Not impressed with Coco - review of Coco by Jazz

I went to Coco for a friend's birthday and really didn't like the layout of the place. Although Coco revel in advertising their club as the 'biggest night club in Cambridge' (like that's some... More »

Review of The Cow - review of The Cow by S

A lovely, lively bar. Quite expensive and understaffed, but live DJing provides plenty of atmosphere. Very trendy, great decor, and lots of personality.... More »

Where - Review of The Red Cow - review of The Cow by Jason

Click on the map above, you fool.... More »

Where is it? - Review of The Red Cow - review of The Cow by James

Where is the red cow?... More »

Where - Review of The Red Cow - review of The Cow by Nathan

People go on about the Red Cow, but where is it?... More »

Toxic / Bar 8 - Review of Bar 8 - review of Coco by The White Boy

Some of the least aesthetically pleasing women and wekest drinks I have ever seen in my life.... More »


Map showing Corn Exchange Street in Cambridge.