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Market Passage

Market Passage is a place in central central Cambridge with a small number of businesses including bars and night clubs.

Market Passage also has the following useful amenity: a number of pubs.



Baroosh is an over 21s bar where customers can enjoy drinks, food, parties and nights out.

Address: 8 Market Passage, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3PF

Fez Club

Fez Club is a nightclub providing a late night entertainment venue for drinking, dancing, enjoying music and socialising.

Address: 15 Market Passage, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3PF

Fez Club

Fez Club is a nightclub providing a late night entertainment venue for drinking, dancing, enjoying music and socialising.

Address: 15 Market Passage, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3PF

Ta Bouche

Ta Bouche is a pub serving a range of drinks and food.

Address: 10-15 Market Passage, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3PF

Reviews of Establishments on Market Passage

Find out what people are saying about places on Market Passage.

Nice place, shame about the beer - review of Baroosh by Kyle

At first I thought I was going to have a great night here. The place looks good, then people seemed friendly. But then I got the beer. Oh my God, do they think... More »

Fan****tastic - review of Fez Club by Inga

Fez in Cambridge, although small, is an amazing venue! It's great for anyone who likes a mix of unheardmusic, new music and good old 80's classics! Fridays and Mondays are the best time... More »

FOR DAN!!! - review of Baroosh by KATE


Fez Club - review of Fez Club by Fez is whack:

Cmb is small, a few ppl run the place and make sure you keep on thier good side. It's all a bit ol' school back these ways.... i.e your daddy knows my daddy... More »

Cool music - review of Baroosh by Julius russels

Friday and saturdays are getting livelyier with the different music.think of the crowd you are entertaining.food was really cool, the ham and eggs was generous.. we will be coming back for sure ... More »

The best place to go out in cambridge - review of Fez Club by Aggie

Me and my friends go to Fez Club at least once a month. It`s a great venue. My favourite nights is Nick Bridges and all house nights but you can find many more...... More »

Katja - review of Baroosh by Dan

Hahahaha sweet. Im dan. And i have no clue who you are. But this is cool. Oh and the irish coffee? It an irish Latte for one thing. And Go to starbucks if you dont... More »

Rebuttal to irish coffee - review of Baroosh by Anon

What your saying about an irish coffee is very correct however if u actually paid attention to what u ordered u would have realised its an irish latte, hence it being like a... More »

Noble art hidden treasure - review of Baroosh by Kirsty

I happen to walk into the noble art a bar down east road and couldnt believe that i hadnt heard of this little jewel of bar, had a cracking night out in the garden... More »

The WORST food and service in Cambridge. - review of Baroosh by Nick

The worst meal I have eaten in Cambridge in fifteen years: Fishcake with Nasi Goreng. The fishcake was entombed in a skin so tough it required plastic explosives to liberate the interior, but... More »

I WAS BESOTTED WITH DAN! EXCELLENT BAR! - review of Baroosh by Katja

I used to go to "B bar" very often when I lived in Cambridge and, honestly speaking, I found the service and food excellent! However, apart from this, I can't do without saying... More »

You could do sooo much better - review of Fez Club by Porche

As a Cambridge student I have to make the best of a bad job, the Fez club isnt that bad but if you love your superclubs then you will be dissapointed. The drinks... More »

Irish coffee - review of Baroosh by Anonymous

Irish coffee = Black coffee and whiskey Baileys latte = latte and Baileys Wouldn't go there for either!... More »

Err no dj hazard fez is great. - review of Fez Club by James

You should contact the cambridge fez if you could do better, or get out more but with a name like that we should all be warned. Bo. Fez is wikid and you should... More »

Anon2 = thick numpty - review of Baroosh by Non anon ee moose

If you took the time to read menu you would see that it is written as 'Irish LATTE' not irish coffee, a latte is a milky coffee and cannot be black.... More »

LOVE IT! - review of Baroosh by Helena

It is rare to find a place that is so relaxing, well designed AND well run. I went in to 'B' the other day with my husband and had such a really enjoyable... More »

Barman - review of Baroosh by Jane

I`ve met sexy guy in B bar!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Roland!!!! He`s from Australia!!!!! Can`t stop thinking about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He made my last night in Cambridge the best night ever!!!!!!!!!!!... More »

Fez is wicked!... - review of Fez Club by James

Went to fez last week on a tuesday and it was just awesome. there was no attitude and evryone was just there for the music (kayper - WOW) would reccommend it to evryone... More »

Irish coffee - review of Baroosh by Anon2

Sorry to be pedantic 'anonymous' but an irish coffee is not just a latte with a shot of baileys. I am irish and I can tell you an irish coffee is black coffee... More »

Welcome to the new Door Staff - review of Fez Club by Kaz

It seems Mick and Mick have finally got a good Door team. Id like to be the first to welcome mandy or should i say MUM as everyone calls her and trev who... More »

Thank you for good door supervisors - review of Fez Club by Tasha

Last night at the faz ( 29 march ) was manic so busy you could hardly move, there were many small incedents takeing place the female door lady is great allways watching from... More »

The plumps were phat - review of Fez Club by Soph

When i first spotted a flyer for plump dj's and shut up and dance at the fez. i couldn't believe my eyes two great acts on my fenland doorstep!and what a great venue... More »

FEZ iz kool!! - review of Fez Club by MH

I really like Fez, the venue and the music (only on Tuesday and Thursday mind!!) The bouncers and the bar staff are always really very friendly and kind... compered to some of the... More »

SAFE BOUNCERS - review of Fez Club by Andrea

Hiya,i just moved to cambridge and i think very highly of the bouncers in fez especially Llyod. Many nights he's looked after my friend and I when we were in an awful state.He's... More »

Door Supervisors actually! - review of Fez Club by The door staff x

To all that complain about us. If you lot think you can do our job better then why aren't you doing it?? Instead of hiding behind these revue pages come down and tell... More »

Bouncers - review of Fez Club by Laura

Just wanted to write back to starsky! Bouncers have a job to do, which is keeping all the trouble makers, and under aged people out,so others can have a good night out. Without... More »

The place to be - review of Fez Club by Laura

Im laura, and i go to fez at least once a week. Althoght fez itself is a small club, it has some of the best music played in the city(ESPECIALLY ON A TEUSDAY... More »

'b' a great place to eat - review of Baroosh by Gremlin

I went into 'b' the other day for a spot of lunch and i have to say the food was outstanding, there was a bit of a wait for the food however, this... More »

'B' relax - review of Baroosh by Andy dunsmure

A good friendly atmosphere, prices are around the same as most bars in cambridge accept here you get value for money especially with food which is served to a high standard.... More »

Great venue! - review of Fez Club by Me

Had my 18th birthday there about a week ago and it was bangin'! apart from the 45 min wait to get in as it was student night and fills up v quick it... More »

Shy fx was **** hot - review of Fez Club by Louise

I have to say that i dont go the fez that much, but since Warning has stopped at the junction while it has its refurb i have been looking out for good drum... More »

Funky venue - review of Fez Club by The Happy Clubber

Very good funky house music and this venue will spearhead the explosion in house music in Cambridge coming this year... More »

Thursday night - review of Fez Club by Tiny

Thursday nights (hip-hop & rnb night) is very good the only set back is the fez club is a bit small but the atmosphere is good, apart from a few peeps. Anyway entry... More »

Jazz Ambience appearing twice a week! - review of Baroosh by A-Jazz-Fan

Check out www.jazzambience.co.uk and then goto the "Jazz Gigs" page to see the dates for summer '04. They are on twice a week throughout June and some of July!... More »

Down with Jman, Up with V! - review of Baroosh by SS

I couldn't agree with you more V. It's about time certain individuals recognised the fact that the hospitality industry has now reached a stage where its supply of venues is as diverse as... More »

WHAT R U ON ABOUT? - review of Baroosh by Max Steele

I really don't understand why people are moaning about pretentious toffs in 'B'...hello...Cambridge is full of them and they don't just hang around there. Still I reckon B is one of the best... More »

Alotta tottie! - review of Baroosh by Mouse

Although slightly over priced( not as much as Ha Ha £3.40 4 Red stripe!!!) it is the best place by far in cambridge for a bit of bird spotting, i should know, i... More »

The Fez Island Haven in a ocean of cheese - review of Fez Club by Jon Raven

True cambridge is a ocean of cheese when it comes to clubs but Fez is a island haven with the line up in may come on Jon Carter Norman Jay Shy Fx Skully... More »

Watch out for Jazz Ambience - they are great! - review of Baroosh by Jim Tuffnel

I agree with Tom D's review - the best thing about B-Bar is the music, especially from Jazz Ambience. I have seen then 3 times now and they play some really cool (and... More »

Some great DJ's... - review of Fez Club by Anonymous

Where else in Cambridge can you hear Norman Jay, LTJ Bukem and Louie Vega to name but a few? A club for fans of all styles of good quality music, just make sure... More »

Dingey Attic - review of Fez Club by Kate

The bouncers have way bad attitude and really put me off paying my £8 to get into a hot and over-crowded loft conversion. Expensive to enter, and the DJs are unheard of... More »

DJ Mike Parfitt rocks the fez - review of Fez Club by Richard

Saturday night 03/04/2004 at the fez club was the best night in cambridge for a long time. The guest dj was apparently Mike Parfitt (i had to find out due to the lack... More »

Mixed groups only - review of Fez Club by Mike

In recent times, despite being sober and respectably dressed, I've been turned away for being in an all male group of 2 or 3 people. Kinda puts a dampener on the evening... More »

Dear spongmonkey - review of Baroosh by anonymous

well i can only appologise to you for your poor experience of b bar but as your name is spongmonkey and you have nothing better to do with your sad pathetic student life... More »

Come on, it's Cambridge - review of Fez Club by Starsky

And considering its 'Night Club' competition, Balare and Life, it's gonna do pretty well isn't it! I agree with the bouncer comments though. I'm 27, looking for a wee boogie, clilled corner and some... More »

no hats! we're too posh! - review of Baroosh by Asia

I found this place unbearingly pretentious! Just as I sat down a security guard came practically running towards me to ask me to remove my (new) furry hat! When I challenged him on... More »

Just what the doctor ordered!! - review of Fez Club by Karen Leatherman

Myself and my pals think Fez is just the right place to dance to the right tunes and chill and relax. Theres no trouble and no creeps trying it on with you, unlike... More »

Great jazz music at the B-Bar - review of Baroosh by Tom Disley

I popped in on fireworks night and saw an amazing jazz outfit there (I think they were called Jazz Ambience). Unusual trio line-up of drums, sax and guitar. They played some cool stuff... More »

In quieter times - review of Baroosh by Timmo

A nice ambience especially with a beverage. As others have noted apart from the attractive interior of B the pretentious posers can be a little nauseating at times. Especially on a... More »

I agree with Simon - review of Fez Club by Sara

The only reason anybody goes to the Fez is because there was nowhere else to go after 11pm. the boucers treat you like you're a drunk 18 yr old. I really don't like... More »


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