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Station Road, Lode

This page shows Station Road in Lode. There are a other places called "Station Road" in the Cambridge area. To see a list please go to the main Station Road page.


Ellison Executive Cars Ltd

Taxi driver

Address: 34 Station Road, Lode, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9HB

R C & D A Durrant

R C & D A Durrant is a supplier of hay and straw to customers across the UK and elsewhere.

Address: Sunny Ridge Farm, Station Road, Lode, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9HB

Vine Refurbishments

Vine Refurbishments is a firm offering a range of building refurbishment and restoration services.

Address: 10 Station Road, Lode, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9HB

Reviews of Establishments on Station Road

Find out what people are saying about places on Station Road.

Rude and disrespectful - review of Jacklin Properties by Concerned student

Recent lynne moved out of propertyand was charged for faults that were there when I moved in as a first time renting student it was a horrible experience. Just because I am a... More »

A first class practice with good professional standards in all areas - review of Firs House Surgery by JJD

Having worked in three practices before retirement, I probably have a reasonable base of experience from the other side of the Patient/practitioner divide to offer a professional assessment of the staff as well... More »

Charges more than what they have committed over online booking - review of Enterprise Rent-A-Car by Tej

I had rented for 28 days and at end of the rental, they charges me £11 more than they had committed over the email (online booking). When I asked them they told since... More »

The Village Hall is on the A10, not Station Road - review of Harston Village Hall by Anonymous

The Village Hall is on the A10, not Station Road. The advertised address is misleading. The hall is spacious and has many good facilities.... More »

A total nightmare - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Ginger

Try travelling by coach to London if you don't mind a slightly longer journey. Cambridge station is a NIGHTMARE!... More »

Cambridge should have a rethink.............. - review of Cambridge Railway Station by K

I have years of experience commuting to London and agree with the comments of the Bury St Edmunds resident. I have recently moved from Kent to Bury St Edmunds. My daily commute... More »

IT IS OPEN! - review of The Q Club by Louise

Has been for quite a while. The Calling runs first Saturday of the month (3 Sept, 1 Oct, etc) Costs £4 to get in, or £3 for concessions. Affiliated to "gothsoc" - running... More »

Its well open - review of The Q Club by DJ Toxo

The Q-Club is back, has been for the pass year, busy club where i am resident DJ, all like the days before, now with great selection of music from Indusrrial(EBM) - PunK -... More »

Steeling on the train - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Rachel Mason

On the 29th July I travled to Cambridge where my train terminated. I had to leave the train in a hurry with a four month old baby with bags. There was no help... More »

Nowhere to park at 10.00am! - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Ann tinsley

Small wonder that the train was almost empty at 10.20am as there was no parking space available and no indication of an alternative car park.... More »

Scrap tyre disposal problem solved - review of Keyworth Casings by Nick Goodrum

When my previous contractor let me down (they were arrested!), Keyworth Casings stepped into the breach and provided a reasonably prompt and efficient scrap tyre collection and disposal, and supplied copies of their... More »

Need more fast pre paid ticket machines! - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Kingsley Morrison

Saturday 23rd October had to line up for 35 minutes to get a fast track pre paid ticket (due to it being the first day of half term) surely on half term days... More »

3rd rate long stay car park - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Bret Sellars

Recently we have travelled into London from a large city (Peterborough) and because of its location - commutable to London - an adequate car park is available all day with spaces for those... More »

How to get there - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Patrick Nealon

Still doesn't tell me how you get there. Do buses stop at the station? If so, which ones? How do I get there from Park & Ride?... More »

Q is open once more! - review of The Q Club by Andy Duckett

Fear not as of New Year's Eve 09/10 the Q has re-opened it's doors and is once again putting on some great nights! Every weekend there is a rotation of quality alternative dance nights... More »

Fabulous Staff! - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Roxie

Living in Newmarket I change at Cambridge to get to Norwich, and every time I have used the Cambridge station the staff are all ways very helpful with train times, and on the... More »

Reliable, customer focussed service - review of Jane's Frames by Julie Digby

Jane provides an individual service to all customers. The framing is of a high quality, and is always completed on time. Highly recommended.... More »

Friendly and reliable service - review of Jane's Frames by Geraldine hinldey

I have gone to Jane every time I've needed framing for several years now and have always found her advice invaluable and have never been disappointed... More »

Excellent - review of Railway Tavern by Marie evans

On visiting the railway tavern i was very pleased to say the least, very clean, and with 2 screens for all major sporting events you never miss a thing, it also was a... More »

Personal Touch - review of Eyes by Bob Hulstrom

This is an optician par excellence. The attention to detail was refreshing to say the least. It was also a change to be dealt with by a real live optician and not the... More »

Don't bother if it's a weekend! - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Mark

Not a problem with the station itself, but totally depressing to see another Saturday and no direct trains to King's Cross - just a variety of long-winded bus/tube capers instead. I could forgive... More »

No contact - review of Butler Fuels by Ian rose

They dont answer the number given on this site, so I assume either the number is incorrect or perhaps the have gone out of business.... More »

Help foe the disabled - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Ruth Bill

Thank you so much for the help given on our journey from Cambridge to Kings Cross. My husband is in a wheelchair and we also had a heavy suitcase. Without your assistance our... More »

Fantastic service provided - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Andrea Twaite

My daughters and I were traveling from London to Norwich , changing at Cambridge. the train arrived too late for the connecting train to Norwich. A cab was arranged for us to take... More »

BRILLIANT!!!!! - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Keeley

After my train was cancelled they sent me home in a fully paid for taxi with in minutes. it was a very pleaseing end to a very stressfull day. thank you... More »

The station: bad start for visiting Cambridge? - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Edward

I entirely agree with the reviewer of February 11th concerning the effect of the new ticket barrier. In a few days I will be at the station to meet some (fairly elderly) French friends... More »

Chaos at station - review of Cambridge Railway Station by Graeme

Since the introduction of the ticket barriers at Cambridge station it has become an absolute nightmare to use the station particularly during peak travel times.The facilities provided, several coffee bars, food outlets and... More »

They were GREAT!!! - review of Arrow Express Couriers by Caroline Swatton

The team at Arrow Express provided me with a small van to deliver some of our goods into London. They gave me a reasonable quote for the work, but better than that, they... More »

His Greatest Gift - review of British Cardiac Patients Association Zipper Club by Roy Saunders

June 26th 1994 my 62 birthday and there I was in Kings College Hospital waiting to have a triple bypass and new artifitial AORTA valve . The sister said I would be home in... More »

GORGEOUS - review of John Henry by PJ

Some of the blokes that work for john henrys are gorgeous and friendly, lovely. one in particular who i only know as MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More »

**** SUPERB **** - review of Book Systems Plus by Patrick. N.Ireland

Ordered book on tuesday arrived thursday, superb service --- hope to deal again and cheap as well, really impressed.... More »

Your E mail address is not available - review of Edale Instruments by Mohammed Haneefa

We have possession of Edale Digital Thermometer Type D515 and unfortunately it broke. I was trying to find out a replacement for the same in your website, I could not found any... More »

Is TED GALLAGHER is the Manager there??? - review of Bar Moosh by Cathy (Pinkies Bar)

Hi ... Back in the late 1980's I understand Ted Gallagher was the Manager of the then known City Limits bar. Could anyone help me with his current whereabouts? Many Thanks.... More »

Who's the manager there? - review of Bar Moosh by Friends from Jersey

Hello there. Can anyone help ... Please. Is Ted Gallagher still the manager there from the days when it was City Limits? Or does anyone know his current whereabouts? ... More »

Inspectors, Love em or hate em ? - review of WAGN Railway by Gadget

Do they ever smile Do they ever !! How often do you see an Inspector, every now and then and when you do they are like Buses 3 or 4 come along at the... More »

jobs - review of WAGN Railway by james freestone

hi my name is james freestone iam looking for engineering work on your railway in cambrige . Icurrently work as an aircraft engineer and would like to change need a challange please forward a... More »

Ask for some imformation - review of Abbey College by ChenChen

Dear Sir/Madam, I am an international student in England.Would you please tell me some imformational about A-Level course fot the international student in your college?And have you got the language course in this year... More »

lost property saves the day - review of WAGN Railway by Grateful musician

Thanks to Tom in Lost Property and Paul, superviser at Moorgate, for rescuing a violin off the 7.58 to Moorgate AND for bringing it back safe to Welwyn Garden City. What excellent and very... More »

I like the Q.. but its no longer exists!! - review of The Q Club by Susanna

correct this!! the Q club shut down about 2 years ago!! There is now a Salsa bar in its stead!! A very cool slasa bar at that, but certainly not the once-vibrant... More »

Greetings from Norway! - review of Bar Moosh by Marianne og Ida

Bar moosh is the best bar in all Cambridge! The people working there are the best! We hope to come back someday... Love from the vodka and redbull girls ;-)... More »

Greetings from Norway! - review of Bar Moosh by Marianne og Ida

Bar moosh is the best bar in all Cambridge! The people working there are the best! We hope to come back someday... Love from the vodka and redbull girls ;-)... More »

Review of Bar Moosh - review of Bar Moosh by Anonymous

'Poolside Bar'?! Are you sure? Whereabouts in Bar Moosh is the pool?... More »

Great fun - Review of Bar Moosh - review of Bar Moosh by Kate Stubbs

I had my 21st Birthday party here, which i really enjoyed. Great poolside bar! Loads of cocktails too.... More »


Map showing Station Road in Cambridge.