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Orchard Street

There are a number of places called "Orchard Street" in Cambridge. Orchard Street, Cambridge and Orchard Street, Stow-cum-Quy


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Address: Curlew Cottage, Orchard Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9AE

The Elm Tree

The Elm Tree is a pub where customers meet to enjoy drinking, eating and socialising.

Address: 16A Orchard Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1JT

Reviews of Establishments on Orchard Street

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Live acoustic music - review of The Elm Tree by Dane Fox

Live acoustic music at this chill pub. Dane Fox and Alex cox will be performing around 7pm on 16 may 2013. Lets drink and jam in harmony~Fox~... More »

Good selection of real ales - review of The Elm Tree by Alehead

The Elm Tree has a great selection of real ales and has some unusual (for Cambridge) events - including live jazz music and goth nights. They should move the jugs on the floor... More »

Well-kept secret with great beer! - review of The Elm Tree by Caroline Newman

We love The Elm Tree. It really is one of Cambridge's best-kept secret pubs tucked away in the Kite area. Small, friendly, quiet, great (huge selection) beers, slightly wacky decor including the odd... More »

Very Inhospitable - review of The Elm Tree by Stewart Brooks

Barman was a bit too full of himself - wants the pub to be more of a library than a pub. Complaining about the noise when one of us laughed at a joke.... More »

Save live music - Stop Form 696 - review of The Elm Tree by A music fan

A new piece of bureaucracy Form 696 will force licensees of pubs and other small venues to reveal a mass of personal information about performers. Form 696 demands that... More »

DISREGARD all previous reviews. They are out of date. - review of The Elm Tree by Brenda

The Elm Tree has been under new management since May '08 and is a totally transformed pub which has retained its traditional feel. A rare achievement. It's welcoming, comfortable, the ales... More »

Jazz moved to cricketers - review of The Elm Tree by Mike

I loved the Elm Tree, especially the jazz. But the jazz moved to the Cricketers (just across the alley). Beer is good; jazz is outstanding. The whole is greater than the sum of... More »

Excellent facial - review of Studio 1 by Naomi

This is a lady who has set up a beauty salon with a little pool in her own home. Pros. Excellent facial which really made a visible difference. Can use spa pool for... More »

Really wanted to like this pub but beer was off and Landlord refused to change i - review of The Elm Tree by Peter

As a jazz fan and a long-time Cambridge resident I finally got to check out the Elm Tree (18 May 06). It was very quiet with a few customers at the bar.... More »

Much better than the cricketers!! - review of The Elm Tree by Deryn and Derek

What an improvement! The new managers are doing a brilliant job. Great beers, good wines and a nice cosy atmosphere make for a great night out. Definitely check out the jazz nights ~(sunday/monday)... More »

To Anon - where have you been??! - review of The Elm Tree by Luke

Live jazz is back and better than ever at the elm since january - you are missing out! they have an amazing singer from time to time - Sarah Mitra, this is definately... More »

WELCOME FROM NEW MANAGEMENT - review of The Elm Tree by Polly and Steve

In response to the entry from "Anonymous", who posted their review in February, we would like to introduce ourselves as The Elm Tree's new owners - Steven and Polly. As you can see... More »

What's happened to this place? - review of The Elm Tree by Anon

Haven't been here for a while (last enjoyed the monday night live jazz in July 05) but the website has been removed and I heard it has changed hands. I last went in... More »

Best live jazz in Cambridge - and FREE - review of The Elm Tree by Anonymous

The Elm Tree has started it's excellent jazz nights again Sunday and Monday nights with no door charge, great night out and now it feels like a real jazz club with pub prices.... More »

Great pub! so nice to have found a REAL pub - review of The Elm Tree by Michael

Real ales and excellent music programme - well worth a visit. Anyone sick and tired of wine bars full of chavs will love it. The eye candy behind the bar is worth the... More »

It's all happening at The Elm Tree - review of The Elm Tree by Will Jones

I recently popped into my old local to see if the rumours were true and - lo and behold - instead of a grumpy old man at a computer waiting for me to... More »

Homely pub with jazz music - review of The Elm Tree by Simone

The Elm Tree is a warm, homely kind of pub - the decor looks like your (great) grannie's front room. It's the type of pub where you could rock up on your... More »

What a shame - review of The Elm Tree by anonymous

Great jazz, good beer. Unfortunately I, and none of my acquaintances have ever visited without a profound air of hostility emmanating from the far from friendly landlord. A shame, particularly when compared... More »

most relaxing pub in cambridge - review of The Elm Tree by miles the cat

this is with out a doubt the most relaxing pub in cambridge.freindly landlord,good ales,regular good beer guide entry,excellent live modern jazz some of the best jazz i have ever heard and its free.freindly... More »

Nice pub. Landlord's ok! Beer is good. Jazz is great. - review of The Elm Tree by Richard McGuire

This is a quiet pub in the daytime and busy when the music is on. I find John the landlord a serious, conscientious landlord who has a keen interest in maintaining good music... More »

Twitchy landlord would make your beer twitch - review of The Elm Tree by Lord Swiller

The idea of a pub with free jazz jam sessions is heavenly to many music lovers, especially when the pub is fairly central to town. In reality, the interior is a bit too... More »

Review of The Elm Tree - review of The Elm Tree by Libby

I've been going to the Elm for years - it's one of very few pubs in Cambridge where I can truly relax.... More »

Entertainment - Review of The Elm Tree - review of The Elm Tree by Paul Stubbs

I`ve found that this is the best jazz venue in Cambridge ... especially on a Monday night... More »

Elm Tree - Review of The Elm Tree - review of The Elm Tree by Jon boston

Likeable (if quiet) pub with large selection of games. Has live jazz 3 nights a week - a great place to relax.... More »


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