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Russell Court

Russell Court is a place in South Cambridge with a small number of businesses.

Russell Court also has the following useful amenity: a pub - The Alma.


Crowdety Ltd


Address: 26a Russell Court, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1HW

Ethernet Ltd

Computer company

Address: 26a Russell Court, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1HW

Itransact Ltd

Database Services

Address: 26a Russell Court, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1HW

The Alma

The Alma is a pub serving a range of alcoholic drinks plus various soft drinks and food.

Address: 26 Russell Court, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1HW

Reviews of Establishments on Russell Court

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Give it a miss - review of The Alma by Nathan

Nothing to write home about Much better pubs with nicer atmospheres nearby Give it a miss... More »

Needs cleaning - review of The Alma by Joe

Pub needs a good clean and a smell of fat lingers in the air. We were given luke warm food and the cutlery was dirty and condiments out of date.... More »

Grumpy musicians - review of The Alma by Eddie and Bill

Perhaps we are not trendy enough but we don't tend to use the f word like a preposition .suppose its good for.rather boring and childish, wanna be hipster musicians and loud mouth 10... More »

Greasy cold food - review of The Alma by Josie and Ben

Greasy food and misogynistic vibe.and a smell of skunk from the pub side garden... More »

Wednesday open mic night - excellent. - review of The Alma by George

A great place to unwinde and have a laugh!! The open mic nights on wednesdays are brilliant! there is some really good talent from all ages, a real joy to watch and listen... More »

Free Breakfasts at the Alma for England Rugby Games! - review of The Alma by Steph Bainbridge

The Alma is one of my local pubs. I absolutly adore it! They are showing all England, Scottland, Ireland and Wales rugby matches. At all the england games they are giving away a... More »

New guys in at the Alma! Thank god! - review of The Alma by Kelley

I am so glad that the Alma is up and running again! Went with my girl friends for the opening night and had a great time! The music was great, wine was... More »

All new grrrrrreat pub - review of The Alma by Dave

All sports on 3 different screens,Rugby memrobillia everywhere,live music every saturday night and a great new menu must be seen to appretiate. A great back street boozer.... More »

In a heartbeat - review of The Alma by Will

The alma,.a pub full of memories.gr8 food,relaxed atmos,and the only landlady iv ever loved.sadly now in australia.happy days.x07917404991... More »

Great night at The Alma - review of The Alma by Dave Winchester

We Just had a great night down the Alma Friday 8pm quite studenty about half full. There's a pool table and they do good no nonsense food. The music is fairly up to date... More »

Give it a miss there are hundreds of better ones - review of The Alma by Lloyd-

I wont be going back the landlord had a face as long as a wet weekend and called time without any warning lucky there are many pubs in that neck of the woods... More »

Great pub - review of The Alma by Maureen

Best jacket potatoes ever and truly yummy desserts. Friendly service and relaxed atmosphere made our visit a memorable and enjoyable experience. Check out this pub!!... More »

Great Food - Friendly Service - review of The Alma by Robert

April 2008. Friendly welcome at the bar. Jacket potato and lemon cheesecake for lunch. Walked round Cambridge in the afternoon and returned in the evening for the Stuffed Chicken Breast (with salad... More »

The Alma - Under New Managment!!! - review of The Alma by The Alma

We are pleased to announce that The Alma is now under new managment bringing in a new team of staff to both the bar and the kitchen. Along with great, friendly service, you... More »

Oh dear.. - review of The Alma by MB

What has gone so badly wrong at The Alma? Once a friendly place with cheap food and a decent choice of beer, it has turned into a distinctly unfriendly, money-grabbing joint, where staff... More »

Bad pub - review of The Alma by JH

Really rude waiters and landlords. Food not even that good! I won't go there anymore, that's for sure!... More »

Rude staff - review of The Alma by Olaf

Don't bring friends who just want to drink a glass of tap water - you'll be told to pay or to leave. You can't order food without ordering a drink. A waiter spilled a glass... More »

Don't go to that pub! - review of The Alma by Veronique

More than unfriendly staff. You can't have a glass of tapwater; you NEED to order a drink with your food, because "these are the rules of a pub"! And when the waiter spilled a... More »

Complain and get shouted at - review of The Alma by Dave

Much like Impatient? I had been visiting the Alma fairly regularly and enjoyed the place - that all changed today when I had the gall to request a refund due to a pizza... More »

2 HOUR WAIT FOR LUNCH and rude landlady! - review of The Alma by Impatient?

I used to like the Alma which makes a pretty good pizza. However, after a group of of us had lunch there on a weekday my opinion has changed, and I won't be... More »

Michelin star long overdue - review of The Alma by East End kev

A fantastic pub. Fantastic food. Great landlord(s), Charlie and Caroline really make the pub come alive. Get yourself down there and join in the fun. Tell them East End Kev sent you!... More »

Best Pub in Cambs - review of The Alma by Tom

This place came under new management about 2 months ago, and even though it's Green King now (I know, I know, terrible) It's possibly better than before. The owners are very very friendly... More »

Visited the Alma on saturday 24/09/05 for the first time - review of The Alma by Robert

Very welcomimg very spacious fantastic atmosphere thanks to new landlords charlie and Caroline, good homemade food at good prices will be going again soon.... More »

Bad old place - review of The Alma by Mr r

The place was for a month or two a socialist rockers ideal now they have turned it into nothing special sad isn't it?... More »

Quality on St. Patrick's Day...and otherwise - review of The Alma by Bimmo

Perfect for a quiet evening drink or 4 as it is usually empty. The landlord and his wife are both very friendly. And them being Irish made for a great St. Patrick's Day... More »

A wicked 'no frills' pub - review of The Alma by Pickle

It doesn't have posh seating or tasteful decor but it's a good value drinking hole. Cheap pool table, sky sports, decent jukebox, fairly edible food and a really laidback atmosphere.... More »

Everything a pub should be! - review of The Alma by A

The Alma's got live music, good cheap food, a big screen tv, pool table, big selection of drinks, a great juke box, friendly staff (need I even mention the piranhas?!) - everything a... More »

New years Eve - Review of The Alma - review of The Alma by Tom

Could u please tell me whats goin on at ur pub on new years eve? closing time and any events cheers Tom... More »

Toss the boss! - Review of The Alma - review of The Alma by Gail

They have a fantastic 'happy hour' game on Fridays (5-6.30pm) - order your round of drinks, the boss will roll some dice, it's then your turn to roll the dice. If your score... More »

They have such good bands - Review of The Alma - review of The Alma by Lizzie K

My friend Irma for one. And they let you buy Pizza.(when the kitchen is shut) The dog is mad and the bar staff are a little crazy too.... More »


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